Support our Police to Ensure Public Safety

Crime is out of control in the City of Chicago and throughout the State of Illinois. As your state representative, I’ll support the men and women who serve and protect our community. You can count on me to work on legislation that ensures criminals are punished for committing crimes instead of being given a slap on the wrist.


Lower Taxes and Fight Springfield's Tax Hikes

Springfield's big spenders all love one thing; they love tax hikes. I’m going to Springfield to push back against Springfield’s tax and spend agenda that has nearly bankrupted our state. I’ll work to find ways to cut red tape, empower business owners, and ensure that the American Dream is reachable for all Illinoisans.


Empower Parents and Keep Politics out of Classrooms

The importance of education cannot be overstated. We need to restore high expectations so that every Illinois student is ready for college or their career. In the Illinois General Assembly, I’ll work to remove politics from our classrooms so that our students can learn and thrive. I'll work to ensure we have the infrastructure in place to guarantee our students have safe and healthy learning environments five days a week.


Stop the Radical Left in Springfield with Commonsense

Democrats in Chicago and Springfield are no longer the Democrats of earlier generations; they are extreme and out of touch with a vast majority of our Midwestern values. I’ll work to end the culture that accepts corruption and woke politics. I'll focus on solutions to the problems that plague our state. I want my children's generation to actually want to stay in Illinois to live, work and raise their families.


Honest Government Starts with Ethics and Transparency

We need fundamental changes in Springfield. A corrupt political machine has run Illinois Government for far too long. And while it’s true that Mike Madigan was just indicted, Madigan-style politics still run rampant in the City of Chicago and under Illinois’ capitol dome. We need real ethics reform, transparency in government, and leadership that will commit to fair maps drawn by an independent commission and not by politicians.


Standing Up to Protect Innocent Life

The Right to Life is the foundation upon which all other rights rest.  We need legislators who have a deep commitment to the sanctity of life. As your next State Representative, I’ll fight for all pro-life legislation, and you can count on me to work to ensure that no taxpayer money is funding abortions in the State of Illinois.