Meet Mayor Li Arellano

Dixon Mayor Liandro Arellano Jr. grew up in Grand Detour and graduated from Faith Christian School. After the terrorist attacks of September 11th, Li chose to leave the University of Michigan and joined the U.S. Army. Since joining, Li has served in three combat tours: first in Ramadi, Iraq in 2005; then in Baghdad, Iraq in 2009/10; and most recently in Saudi Arabia in 2019/20. He is currently a squad leader in the Army Reserves’ 317th Engineer Construction Company in Homewood, IL.

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After massive fraud was discovered in Dixon city government, Li decided to run for mayor of Dixon and was elected in 2015. Since his election, he has championed fiscal responsibility, invested in local infrastructure, and focused on the region’s economic development. Under Li’s leadership, Dixon has kept property taxes capped at or below inflation, stopped new tax proposals, maintained no general obligation debt, paid down pension debt, and helped rebuild the city’s finances.

In addition to his role as Dixon’s mayor, Li was chosen by fellow mayors to serve on the Illinois Municipal League’s Board of Directors.


He also sits on the Lee-Ogle Enterprise Zone Board of Directors and serves on the Lee County Industrial Development Association.


Li has an extensive background in business management and entrepreneurship.


He owns and operates Jimmy John’s Gourmet Sandwich restaurants in Dixon and Rock Falls and is the majority owner of Frosted Spoon Frozen Yogurt in Rock Falls.


He also owns a small commercial leasing company.

At 12 years old, Li began working in and around Dixon and Grand Detour doing lawn chores for neighbors and family friends. By junior high, he was a newspaper delivery boy for the Dixon Telegraph, and in high school, he worked at a local restaurant washing dishes for minimum wage. Li juggled multiple jobs as he saved for college, including working for Kreider Services, Crest Foods, and other regional employers.


After graduating from high school, Li paid for his own tuition at the University of Michigan. He had his starter home paid off by age 25, and then began opening his first business at age 26. Having extensive work experience as a young man and now as a business owner, Li understands economic growth, creating jobs, and delivering on the promise of the American Dream. Now Li wants to take his passion, knowledge, and experience to Springfield to help Illinois get back on the right track.

Li is happily married to his wife, Jamie. They have three daughters and one son who attend Faith Christian School.


The family is members of Faith Assembly of Grand Detour where Li’s father, Liandro Sr., is a former pastor.


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